Houston of Toussaint | Community Assistance and Support For Families in Need
Not only do we provide services to help families in need, we also connect them to other resources where we don’t have the capacity or resources to assist.
As a non-profit organization, whatever the need is, we can either provide it or connect you to a community resource or organization that can assist.
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About Us

Our heart is for our community. Our goal is to extend our hands to connect to the ones who are in need.
What Is Our Mission?

House of Toussaint Inc is a nonprofit organization that is built on moral values and a heart for the community. Our greatest mission is to be a bridge for meeting the community’s needs. Not only do we provide services to help families in need, we also connect them to other resources where we don’t have the capacity or resources to assist.

We are here to serve the people in the community and it doesn’t matter your race or background. Building a better today for tomorrow. Our goal is to provide services and meet the needs and expectations of those that are in need. Our heart is for the community and our heart is for our youth because with that are you there is no tomorrow. We are a nonprofit that wants to meet the needs in our communities and connect the bridge to other services that can help families.

What Do We Do?

We provide resources, funding, assistance, and participate in a lot of events to stay connected with the community. House of Toussaint is for all people, and if we’re not able to provide the help that you need it is our goal in our mission to get you to the right direction to those that are capable to assist you in your time of needs.

  • We provide resources to families in need.
  • We help children in need of school supplies, uniforms and other items.
  • We organize family fair days, back to school give aways, and food fairs.
  • We refer families to community partners with resources to help.
  • We extend support to single mothers.
How Did We Get Started?

House of Toussaint was founded in 2017 as a vision and dream of our founder, Maglada Burch. Our founder experienced loss and challenges very early when her other passed away when Maglada was only 11 years old. She was eventually sent to foster care and became a teenage mother at the young age of 19. Maglada has witnessed several obstacles in her life, and the help that she received from the people helped paved the way for her to get a good life. That is what inspired her to come forward for initiating the change for the future of the community.

From our Founder:

House Of Toussaint came to my heart because of my mom. I wanted to honor her. I was a runaway teen and I ended up in foster care because of the people that I was staying with. I was abused a lot and lost contact with my family. I was lost and broken and felt like I didn’t have a system that I could trust in. Being in a foster home and then reconnected with my family, I wanted to help people, and I wanted to make a difference. My mom was a giver and always helped everyone, and I wanted to honor her and help people like she did. That’s when House of Toussaint came into reality.